Teaching Job & Work Skills
We will provide skills training.
Be a Volunteer Instructor
Learning Teamwork in the Workplace
We will foster teamwork in our community.
Be a Mentor
Reconnecting with the Community
We will assist with job placement.
Offer a job

We believe that people have a difficult time integrating into society after incarceration or war if they do not have the basic essentials of life:  a home, a job, and a feeling of safety.  These people are in desperate need of housing as well as life skills to empower them to self-sufficiency.  They benefit from numerous complementary supportive services, including life coaching, financial coaching, and soft skills instruction. They are connected to meaningful job leads through employers that have been cultivated by Unbroken Dreams. And they are supported in their employment through one-on-one job coaching and job retention counseling. 

We intend to purchase properties that have been abandoned and provide our users with the skills and jobs, such as carpentry, flooring, electrical, HVAC, landscaping, etc. to renovate the properties so our users have a place to call home.  Ideal properties would be close to bus lines, grocery stores, drug stores, and general shopping as we do not anticipate most of our residents will have vehicles.  We will have a fully furnished home with 8-10 separate rooms and bathrooms and a common living area for group meetings.  We will also have fully furnished studio apartments as well as furnished and unfurnished one, two, and three bedroom apartments and single family homes for families. 

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