Funding Sources

Unbroken Dreams does not rely solely on one source of funds. Some funds, such as donations and fees, are immediately available and other sources, such as grants, require six or more months. Some methods we may raise funds are through the following:

United Way – This national not for profit organization is a powerful nationwide fundraiser that collects money and then disperses funds to local groups.

Corporate Sponsorships and Donations – Corporate sponsorships is when a corporation furnishes an entire room or home within the campus.

Individual Donations – Individuals may donate cash, furniture, household goods, clothing, or volunteer time to our organization.

Foundation Grants – This is a source of available monies from public and private sources.

HUD – This is a source of funds from the federal government dedicated to housing organizations.

Florida Department of Development – The local government has available funds.

Veterans Administration – These grants are being awarded under the Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program, a housing program for homeless vets and their families.

Go Fund Me Page – This source of funds will be used in the beginning to obtain some money to fund the beginning stages of the organization such as accounting, filing of Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation, setting up a website, filing for 501(c)(3) status, and other similar things.her with kindness and respect, regardless of the reason we are placed in our current situation.